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Domestic Waste Bin


2016 – Present

Campus Composting works to reduce organic waste produced by the University community through public education about waste sorting and the implementation of composting infrastructure on and off-campus.


Green Vegetables

Want to compost in your Hyde Park apartment?


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Off-Campus Composting

PSI received funding from the College and Student Life’s Green Fund to provide 50% subsidies on composting services for off-campus University students in Hyde Park.

We partner with Urban Canopy, a Chicago-area composting hauler that also works to improve food sustainability.

Check our feature in the Chicago Maroon to learn more. 

105 students
currently enrolled
35% improvement
in responders feeling "very aware" of their household's waste production
95% "great experience"
rating from responders rating an 8 or above on a 1-10 scale
Garden Soil

Our Partner:

A South Side, urban farm specializing in compost hauling, indoor/outdoor farming, and farmer's markets.


Event Composting

Campus Composting continues to work with RSOs such as Sensasia, BITE, and SASA, as well as University partners such as Alumni Weekend and O-Week to bring composting to campus events. We interacted with close to 800 RSO event attendees and educated them about composting, and countless others at Alumni Weekend.

Campus Composting and PSI Board members after a successful O-Week composting event.

Making Coffee

Student-Run Cafe Composting

Our most recent project was bringing composting to student-run campus cafes. This pre-consumer composting program, funded by a Green Fund Grant, started in 2023. We implemented the composting program which is now administered by the head of student-run campus cafés, Parker McWatters, in collaboration with The Urban Canopy. This PSI-external management is a step toward our goal of implementing institutionalized composting at the University of Chicago. Ex Libris has since collected over 5,000 pounds of coffee grounds to compost.

On-Campus Composting

This quarter, Fall 2023, we are exploring composting

programs with the dining hall.

In Fall 2022, we partnered with two UChicago departments to provide composting buckets: the Spiritual Life Office and the Geophysical Sciences Department.

After the success of our off-campus composting program, Campus Composting applied for and received a Green Fund Grant for their RGGRC Composting Initiative, an opt-in composting program for residents of Renee Granville-Grossman Commons residential hall in Spring 2022, Check out our feature and op-ed in the Chicago Maroon's Sustainability Issue (February 2022) to learn more! 

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Campus Composting members promote the RGGRC Program next to the compost drop-off receptacle. 

Food Waste Compost

“An enormous portion of the waste that you create individually is food waste…both on and off-campus composting programs could divert so much of UChicago’s total waste output.”

- Co-Project Group Leader Andre Dang (in The Chicago Maroon)


Campus Composting members for the 2022-2023 academic year.

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