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Green Partnerships

2016 – Present

Green Partnerships empowers our members to promote sustainability by partnering with local businesses and nonprofits in projects advocating for sustainable practices. Along the way, our members develop and strengthen their skills in partnership formation, research and analysis, and sustainability consulting—implementing tangible green practices in their community.

The Green Partnerships project group was previously known as Hyde Park Business Partnerships (HPBP).
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We designed a three-tiered sustainability plan based on the goals of the Sitdown Café in Hyde Park, including advising a cost-effective alternative to single-use utensils.


We assist our partners in their sustainability needs through individualized plans, guides, and events.
Ground Coffee


We coordinated a partnership between the True North Café and Healthy Soil Compost to ensure coffee grounds were put to productive use rather than going into a landfill.
Hair Salon


We brought in The UpScale Salon to provide subsidized haircuts and styling to PSI members in preparation for PSI Formal. This event promoted the ease of no-heat hairstyling and eco-friendly hair products.

Our members bring thoughtful analysis and innovative solutions to our partners, targeting four main categories: water conservation, energy sourcing, food procurement, and waste management. We assist our partners by connecting them to waste collectors, providing insight on energy use practices, replacing single-use materials, conducting waste-audits, helping with grant proposals, and more.


Bakery Recycling Consulting

We worked with downtown female and minority-owned business Sugar Bliss Bakery to help develop educational materials for proper recycling practices for Sugar Bliss’s upcoming cookie product line to be sold at Walgreens. 

In 2021, we applied to the James Beard Foundation Grant for the South Side businesses Bot Bakery, Conscious Plates, and Demera Ethiopian.

The grant supports businesses that are majority-owned by Black or Indigenous individuals, and aims to support and rebuild an independent restaurant industry to be more sustainable and resilient post-COVID-19.

We continued our grant-writing work in 2022 by drafting an Amber Grant application for Saucy Porka. The $10,000 grant emphasizes sustainable, women-owned businesses. We also provided a list of sustainable utensils and soup containers for Saucy Porka.

Sustainable Grant Writing Support

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Plant-Based Restaurant Week

We host an annual plant-based restaurant week featuring 10%-20% discounts on vegan or vegetarian menu items at various Hyde-Park restaurants.  

University members who participate are eligible to win sustainable goods after uploading their receipts.


Past partner restaurants include: B’Gabs, Snail Thai, The Sitdown Café, True North Café, Litehouse Grill and Café 53. 

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Our Partners

Medici on 57th
Sanctuary Café
The Sitdown Café
True North Café
Saucy Porka
The UpScale Salon
Café 53
Litehouse Grill

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Green Partnerhips (formerly known as Hyde Park Business Partnerships) members for the 2021-2022 academic year.