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Green Pastures


Our Mission:

We aim to promote environmental awareness and integrate sustainable practices throughout UChicago and surrounding communities by:

  • Expanding our network to enhance partnerships and collaborative opportunities

  • Building an open, inclusive, and inviting community

  • Promoting project productivity through workshops, leadership trainings, and accountability measures 

  • Providing members with necessary skills to accomplish tangible outcomes in project work

  • Encouraging creativity in addressing issues and designing solutions to environmental problems 

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Outstanding RSO Collaboration Award (2022)

  • Logan Center Collaboration Grant Recipient (2022)

  • Green Fund Grant Recipient (2021, 2022)

  • RSO of the Year (2020)

  • Bon Appétit Student Activist Grant (2019)

  • Food Recovery RSO spin-off (2019)

  • College Housing Green Czar Program (re-launch 2018)

  • UChicago Student Government Finance Committee Sustainability Amendment (2018)

  • UChicago Environmental Responsibility Award (2017)

How We Work

Centered upon a project group structure and partnership model, we create lasting change and impact by getting directly involved in planning, directing, and executing initiatives. Our project groups address issues of specific interest to our members and are relevant to local sustainability needs.  

PSI General Meeting in October 2018. Most initiatives occur at the project-group-level, so General Meetings give members a chance to socialize and update the rest of PSI on their goals and accomplishments.



winter22_GD_social_meetingtour (1).jpg





Forming a Community

From RSO-wide events like our annual formal and PSI Trivia to smaller socials like rock-climbing, coffee-chats, and picnics, we value maintaining an inviting community to encourage collaboration.  

End-of-Year Point Social

PSI ends each academic year with a picnic social at Promontory Point. This year, members relaxed, went swimming, and took a break from studying.


PSI Formal

PSI hosted our first spring quarter Formal in the 2021-2022 academic year. We ordered catering from HPBP's partner restaurant, Saucy Porka, awarded PSI superlatives, and viewed the end of year slideshow. 

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