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Archived Project Groups

We adapt our project groups according to the needs of our community. Since our founding in 2013, we hosted a suite of initiatives. Explore our project groups -past and present- below. 

Divest UChicago

(2023 - Present)

Spearheads the fossil fuel divestment campaign on campus in partnership with EJT


​(2019 - Present)

​Implements and writes sustainability proposals on and beyond campus through data-driven research methods


(2020 - Present)

Promotes sustainability to the UChicago community through science and artistic projects.


​(2016 - 2020)

Hosted an annual event hosting 4 professionals in the environmental field


​(2019 - Present)

Aims to solve logistical and administrative challenges to composting UChicago's organic waste.


​(2019 - Present)

Brings awareness to and encourages eco-friendly practices of local businesses


​(2017 - Present)

Engages PSI members and other students through community service and fundraisers (previously known as Service)


​(2015 - 2019)

Created waste programs and lead education initiatives to properly use and dispose of waste at UChicago

trash can.png

​(2019 - Present)

Promotes waste reduction through education and collaboration with other groups on campus


​(2019 - 2021)

​Provides students with opportunities to explore careers in environment and sustainability.

speech bubble.png

​(2017 - 2020)

Invited speakers to talk to PSI and the UChicago community about sustainability topics

seed vector.png

(2014 - 2016)​​

Promoted the Home Energy Jumpstart Program at the 61st Street Farmer's Market


​(2019 - Present)

Engages young students in sustainability topics by visiting local schools


​(2019 - 2023)

Develops events and content to engage the UChicago community on environmental issues


​(2017 - 2019)

Retrieved food at events and dining halls to reduce food waste and hunger

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