Current Project Groups

Our project groups address issues of specific interest to our members and are relevant to local sustainability needs.  

Campus Composting works to reduce organic waste produced by the University community through public education about waste sorting and the implementation of composting infrastructure on and off-campus.​


HPBP aims to support and partner with businesses in Hyde Park in order to promote sustainable practices.​

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Campus Waste Reduction has the goal of reducing different forms of waste campus wide. The group focuses on working with campus administrators, campus facilities, residential houses, and the student population to carry out projects that raise awareness about sustainability and take actionable steps to reduce waste.​


Public Engagement aims to corral greater interest in general environmental news and concerns. By introducing more students to climate change news and stories of the wonders of life, Public Engagement can infuse widespread appreciation for the natural world and for the paramount importance of our current environmental crisis to the daily lives of more UChicago stude​nts.


Environmental Education engages with students in the Chicago Public School system and spreads knowledge about various topics related to the environment, our relationship with it, and sustainability as a whole. The goal is to enlighten students about ways that they can interact with and help our planet.​


SAS aims to find creative ways to engage with Hyde Park and the UChicago community by combining science with artistic projects to create meaningful discussions and reflections on our role in current sustainable practices.​


The overall mission of Green Data is to merge student's passions for environmentalism with their interest in data science in order to cultivate a new perspective in students as they embark to tackle issues of sustainability in their professional or personal lives. Along the way, we will produce results that have a tangible effect on UChicago and the community at large.​


The mission of the service group is to get students excited about sustainability-focused volunteer opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community. The service group can provide simple and enjoyable events to demonstrate to students that small actions can contribute to sustainability in their neighborhoods, and that serving others is more accessible than they might think and can become a regular part of their lives.​