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Food Recovery

2017 – 2019

We worked to reduce food waste and feed people on campus and in our local Hyde Park community.

1583 lbs

of food recovered in one year

PSI's Food Recovery project group packaged leftovers from events and dining halls to send to community support organizations, like Margaret's Village. 

RSO Spin-Off

After a successful 2 years, PSI's Food Recovery project group became its own RSO, UChicago Food Recovery Network! Check out the RSO's Facebook group here


Members of the new RSO spin-off, UChicago Food Recovery Network, gather food from Pret that would otherwise be thrown away.

PSI members in the 2018-2019 Food Recovery Project Group

Food Recovery members package 30 lbs of leftovers from the 2017 Boos and Ribs event.

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