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Green Balconies


2019 – Present

We aim to promote sustainability in the greater Chicago area by procuring internship opportunities, hosting speaker events, and organizing campus-wide networking events with environmental professionals and PSI alumni.

Green Careers

We worked with the University's Center for Career Advancement to establish their new Green Careers Program. 

The Green Careers Program provides internship cohort programs, career treks, competitions, workshops, networking events, and weekly updates on available positions and programs. 

PSI's "Climate Innovation Challenge" team. The Green Careers Program hosted the challenge in Spring 2021, and PSI's team won the Grand Prize with our "Modified-EIP" presentation.

Speaker Events

Our Past Speakers Include:

Dr. Ilissa Ocko (Environmental Defense Fund

John Paul Jewel (ENGIE Services)

Lindsey Casella (TerraCycle)

Chelsea Kendall (Conservation Law Foundation)

Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago 

Will Lutterman (UChicago Green Careers) 


PSI LinkedIn

We launched PSI’s LinkedIn page to create content surrounding the group’s endeavors and expand its network to connect with environmental organizations. We plan to highlight 15+ PSI members this year. 

PSI Alumni

In order to increase PSI's connections with UChicago grads, we created a database of alumni involved in environmental careers. Through these contacts, we were able to identify sustainable internship positions for current UChicago students.

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